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White Oak Village Community

Welcome to White Oak Village 
Annual assessment fee $196.98 Due August 1, 2022, No Credit Card, No Debit 
8 % annum interest added after August 15, 2022

If you have not paid your assessment
Please send a Check  Cashier Check or Money Order including the street address 
Turned over to the Attorney  if not paid by 12-31-2022

White Oak Village Homeowners Association Inc. 
P. O. Box 123
White Plains, Md. 20695




We are on the Blue schedule, Monday

Request a Recycling Bin 
Charles County Maryland
301-932-3599 /  301-870-2778

Recycling 301-932-5656
7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. M-F

Yard Waste Collection Materials Collected   Mondays  Starting April 3rd, 2023- December 18th, 2023 Brown bag or bins with an X

Common Area is not  a Dumping Ground  

DUMPING IS ILLEGAL! The common areas are not the designated spot for your unwanted items – the County Dump is off Billingsley Road. The money we spend on unbudgeted items like this could be used for improvements in the community to increase our property values.


Please—if you see anyone dumping unwanted items anywhere in the community, get a description of them and their vehicle and/or an address and call the police right away! 301-932-2222
Charles County Landfill Recycling Center: 12305 Billingsley Road, Waldorf

Exterior Maintenance: please be sure to maintain the exterior of your home including the pipes that run under your driveway, power wash, repair fencing and keep the grass cut. These are just a few items – check the outside of your home for more work that may need to be done. 

Please make sure your house numbers are visible – it may make a difference in the event of an emergency! 

Lawn care is not included in your HOA fee. Please comply with the White Oak Village Homeowners Association, Inc. Resident Architectural Rules concerning the exterior of your home. A copy is available upon request – email

No untagged Vehicles are allowed, 
Underwoods Auto Salvage in Clinton will tow your inoperable vehicle for free and pay you at the same time – what a deal! They may be reached on 301-297-8750


There are leash laws and pooper scooper laws in Charles County. The following is information taken directly from the Animal Regulations. 

Leashes: It is against the law for any person to allow their animal to be at large (be away from its owner’s property not under the restraint of a person capable of controlling the animal with a leash). 

Pooper Scooper: It is against the law to allow your animal to defecate on public property or private property. Any waste must be removed and disposed of in a proper and sanitary manner. 

Dog Walkers – please continue to follow Charles County Animal Regulations and pooper-scooper after your pets. You are helping to keep our community clean, and the stormwater ponds.

Important Phone Numbers Emergency – 911 

Maryland State Police   301- 392-1200

Charles County Sheriff’s Office (non-emergency) 301-932- 2222

Traffic Complaints 301-392-3062   or trafficoperations@CCSO.US

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative  (SMECO) 1-888-440-3311 

Pot Hole Repair 301-932-3450 

Animal Control 301-743-2222

Untagged 301-645-0584

Oversized Vehicles 301-645-0584

Charles County Landfill 301-932-3599
Charles County Animal Control (301) 609-3425
Tri-County Animal Shelter  301-932-1713 to report a lost  or found pet

Dee Izzy,
Michael Hart Sr,
Debbie Bowlus, Phyllis Wade, Tia Yasmeen, 

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